Patriotic Outrage

Exploring for Life Takes a Back Seat to Killing for Oil.
I heard the announcement the other day, and I was a little upset, but for some reason it really hit me tonight.  What does this say to others about our society, about our moral compass heading?  We as a country value killing innocent people for oil, rather than exploring the heavens for life.  SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Life) has been shut down, for lack of funding.  There are bankers on Wall Street stealing billions of dollars, there is a military industrial Complex that is a $1 Trillion dollar a year business, and for some reason, we cannot even find a measly $50 Million.  I am disgusted, and appalled as an American that killing is more important that life.
     It's not just the search, its the technology that was invented, the people who dreamed, the people who would rather explore than kill.  Where have we gone so wrong?

Tentacles of Evil
Recently I was a personal witness to what I have coined the "Tentacles of Evil"  They are the twisted lies of a generation that has set out to destroy the world as we know it.  This is not a revelation to some, and will come as a shock to others.

I sat in a Federal Court House in New Haven, CT, last Tuesday for the appeals appearance for April Gallop vs. Cheney/Rumsfeld/Myers.  I know why they confiscated my phone.  If I made public the atrocity that I witnessed, the pillars of justice would fall, well maybe... I saw how fixed the court is, the 3 judges, Curly, Larry, and Moe, would not allow her attorney to plead his case. In the appeals court, your time is limited to the "green light", almost like during a debate. Once the orange light comes on, you have one minute, then the dreaded red light.

  Her attorney was just starting when Larry started asking stupid questions about other attorneys in his office, who did not work on the case. The attorney was pointing out that when April walked out through the hole in the Pentagon, she did not see any seats, luggage, bodies, metal, engines, and did not see or smell jet fuel. After all, April Gallop is a Military Specialist with Top Secret or better clearance. It was at this point that Judge Moe, waved his arms all around, and made the statement/question, "so what you are saying is that NO PLANES (bad) HIT ANY BUILDINGS ON SEPTEMBER 11th?". It was insulting, as a person of this earth, and this country, that a citizen in court was treated this way.  This will change over time, and these assholes slowly die off.

My friend, "Pete" (not his real name) is in college, studying "criminal justice" and was all set to make an oral presentation about 9/11 and the conflicting evidence.  His professor would not allow him to present this, because the prof. said "I do not agree" with this point of view.  I always thought that college was a place for honest debate and discussion, not blind ignorance.  These two events happening in the same week, have spurned me on, to become a full fledged Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth Activist.

The Tentacles of Evil will eventually be severed like the ugly slimy sucker that it is.  When this happens, and the light of truth finds it, that will be a glorious day, or maybe not, because I believe that will be the end of our way of government.  There will be millions of american's who are going to feel like they have been so betrayed, and the push back is going to be such a massive shift, that we could be in great danger.  If this happens in my lifetime, I do not know, but it will happen.  I liken it to the Disclosure Project Paradox. If you are not aware of the Disclosure Project, take a look. This is the paradox... "Disclosure is Impossible, it is Inevitable" 

Thinks about this, since 9/11 who has the ability to keep all the facts out of the mass media?  Why are your tax dollars spent at an alarming rate to place false information into the public mass media to discredit honest people who have been injured by the government.  There is a term for this, cointelpro, or Counter Intelligence Program".  A program of misinformation, disinformation and discrediting citizens to keep the truth from coming out about whatever program the U.S. government want to promote or discredit. I did not make this up, the FBI under J.Edgar Hoover started this along time ago

The perfect storm is brewing and picking up the needed elements that will ravage the country, and the complicit media will not be able to stem the tide with Kim Kardashian's ass.  There is going to be a financial collapse of epic proportions when the true scope of the Japan earthquake and aftermath is felt on stock market.  That day is not here yet.  There is an undercurrent of anger in the country that is stemming from massive unemployment, massive home foreclosures, bankrupt businesses, taxation, police state, it is coming, and it is going to hurt those people who live in the world of the Blue Pill, where all is good, and Katie and Tom are the main concern.  Watch out people, this blind squirrel has found a lot of acorns in the last few years, and I have been storing them for the time, after the Perfect Storm.

Blueprint for Truth

 Daily Outrage

Do you think that police have just started to beat up suspects?  Or maybe the fact that almost all of us now have a camera on us all the time makes a difference?  

Smile :-)

There are more states now repealing the laws that made it a felony to record a police officer.

Is That a Cucumber in Your Basement?

Are you aware that it is crime to grow cucumbers in your basement?    When will the madness stop?  The people must rise up at some point.

Did you know that dolphins are dying by the thousands in the Gulf of Mexico?  Not only dying, but the amount of still births and mutations are going through the roof.  The autopsies have been done, and our "TRANSPARENT PRESIDENT" will not allow the results be made public.  There are people dying in the gulf, and that is not being reported either.

Whats 18 Years Worth?

John Thompson served 18 years in prison, and 14 of them on death row.  Just now it has come to light, that the prosecutors in the case "held back blood evidence" that could have cleared him during his trial.  With that stunning revelation, nothing is being done to the prosecutors who broke the law, just sickening in my book.

Operation GunRunner

U.S. Customs Agent Brian Terry was killed by weapons that the ATF allowed to cross the border into Mexico.  This was done so that the ATF could tell Congress that thee amount of GUN RUNNING was up, and that they would need more funding.  There are ATF agents now coming forward and exposing this CRIMINAL CONDUCT BY ATF. One ATF just knew in his heart that one day, one of those guns would come back to kill one of their own.

The continuing radiation being emitted from the Fukushima Plant in Japan could be a Global Killer.  What is not being reported is the rapid exodus of people withing 100 miles of the plant.  There is a real possibility of "The China Syndrome"  The core in increasing in temperature.  I have no idea how they are going to cool it down.  BTW- Yellow Rain is not Pollen.

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Yesterday to Me

I was 16 years old. I had driven to the Elm Theater in West Hartford. This was one of those old ornate theaters, with the big chandelier in the center, and gold leaf encrusting the walls. There was a balcony that was always open, but the best feature was the enormous screen. This was a movie theater with the 70 mm screen. it required 3 movie projectors for many of the movies in that day.  For this particular showing, I had not given it that much thought, but I was in for a shock later.
   I had heard from friends in school, that this movie "was not as good as Star Wars", and in the papers and radio, there were comparisons made.  I was young, and was not really aware of the "hype" machine that Hollywood is, and quite frankly, this was a simpler time, or so it appeared to me.  I really had no expectation, and I believe that is why I was so shocked that when it was over, as I look back on life, it was the movie that changed how I look at the world, and the the universe beyond it.
There are images of sitting in my seat, and the movie starting that are fuzzy 32 years later, but when I saw this HUGE ship the "Cotopaxi" in the Gobi Desert, I had a feeling this was going to be something special. 
     It is hard to put yourself back in "time" and remember that CGI was basically in its infancy at this time.  To pull off some of the effects, left me awestruck. It was not until "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" was over, that the full effect of the film hit me.  I felt like yelling at "Roy" to look at the damn television when Howard K. Smith was reporting on the news in Wyoming. Then he saw that image of Devils Tower, and we saw him put the pieces together.  That is one of the great moments in film for me, so simple, and so informative.  The movie told a great story of hope, of fear, of the future, and then, our past.  Who can forget the first words "Are we the first?".  Finding the WWII Fighters, in Mexico, the imagination just runs with the possibilities.
When the ending credits started to roll, and the lights came on, it was the only time in my life, up until that point, and since that I was so immersed in a film that I "forgot" I was in a theater.
     It was not just the size of the screen, or the incredible music, those 5 tones that we all know now.  It was the possibilities, and the hope that there is something out there, and that maybe, just maybe, they will help us out.  Because, right now, we on this little planet, sure could use it.  As I sat there and looked to my left and right, there was a woman two seats over, who, if I had a mirror, probably had the same look on her face that I did.  We made eye contact for that millisecond in time, and there was that recognition, that we had just witnessed something pretty cool.
I walked out of the Elm that night, and I have never looked at the night sky the same.  I always look for those small white points of light to converge, and move around the stars.  Then the "mothership" will come over the house, and take me "there", to explore the stars.  Its not to late to dream, is it?

Fair Game My Ass

Valerie Plame is a patriot.  She worked as a covert agent in the CIA.  Her job was gathering intelligence, and getting scientists out of Iraq, when her name was "leaked" to the press.  Her husband Ambassador Joe Wilson, went on a fact finding mission to Niger, at the request of the most evil man on earth, Dick Cheney.  His report on Yellowcake Uranium did not jibe with the Bush Administrations wishes.  There was no Uranium.  What Bush/Cheney did to Plame/Wilson was Treason. Plain and Simple.  Now that we have history on our side.  We know that Bush/Cheney lied about WMD in Iraq. We know they "whited out" words in intelligence reports, we know they started two illegal wars, and before long we will know, that Cheney planned 9/11.  Irving Libby was Cheney's Aide, and he took the rap for "leaking" Plames name to the press.  Do you think that Irving Libby could take a crap without Cheney's permission?  This is outrage that this country is paying for now, and the foreseeable future.  The leaking of her name as a way to 'Payback" Joe Wilson for not playing ball cost many lives, and that has been under reported.

Pyramids of Waste- The Lightbulb Conspiracy  
I had only learned of the name Bernard London in passing a while ago, until I heard it again today, then I sat down to watch the documentary below. I watched it in shock and awe. It is amazing to think that this is going on, it is another to know it. I have included the small youtube version below, and also, I have made it the first film, in my "Movie of the Week page. I hope you enjoy this, and ask yourself questions. If you have any ideas for a new film, let me know.  I will probably be changing the video's every Tuesday.
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