Young Actors Should Study Christian Bale 

There are many actors who make a part their own, Christian Bale transforms himself and becomes the character.  There is no better evidence of that than "The Machinist" and "The Fighter".  The man is amazing and should be studied.

In "The Machinist", Bale becomes a walking skeleton and did this by starving himself over a period of a year.  Then to add the final touch, he play a man who has not slept for a year.  If you have not seen this great movie, do yourself a favor.  Thank me for it.

I just recently had the chance to catch his Oscar winning performance in "The Fighter" There is a reason her won the Academy Award.  He totally becomes Dickie Eklund, and you wonder if he nails it?  Check the closing credits where Mickey and Dickey speak, NAILED IT....

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